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812756 Glue Loctite No.290 Medium Strength 50 ml

CODE 812756

Loctite technology strengthens the assembly of two or more parts by filling all the space between mating surfaces with a single-component liquid which chemically self-hardens at room temperature into a tough heat-and-solvent-resistant structural solid. From among the various types of products.

812756Glue Loctite No.290 Medium Strength 50 ml

Wicking Grade

A medium to high-strength threadlocker for pre-assembled bolts up to 1/2(M12).Penetrates threads by capillary action.Secures set screws and other assemblies after settings are completed. Seals welds and porous metal parts. Protects threads from rust and corrosion. Localized heating and hand tools are needed for disassembly.