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Water Activated Tapes for Pipe Repair

CODE 812362-812365

Water Activated Tapes for Pipe Repair

Designed and recommended for stopping leaks in pipe which may occur due to corrosion or other reasons. Composed of a quality knitted fiberglass cloth coated with a special poly-urethane resin which is activated by a 5 second immersion in water. Once activated by water the tape will transform from a wet adhesive into a rigid plastic state in minutes. Bonds to most common plastic or metallic pipe materials such as steeliron, copper, PVC, fiberglass, and others. Recommended for leaks not exceeding 1/8" in diameter and pipe size 2" in diameter. May be used with good results on pipe with a temperature range from -29°C to 121°C. Each roll of products is individually packaged with gloves for handling

8123625 CM x 3.6 MTR
81236310 CM x 3.6 MTR
8123645 CM x 1.5 MTR
8123657.5 CM x 2.7 MTR