Electrical & Lighting 79

Watertight Receptacles with Switch 3 Pin Type-S1MR Synthetic Resin

IMPA Code:792808

F8833 Receptacles

Watertight type plug and receptacle with earthing contact for use on thecircuits of lights and small electric appliances rated 250V or less. Syntheticresin made body will be furnished unless otherwise specified for materialssuch as cast iron or brass.

CodeDescriptionSwitchBody MaterialRated Capacity
792808Receptacle Watertight with Switch 3 Pin Type S1MRWithSynthetic Resin125V-DC 5Amp.
125V-AC 10Amp
250V-DC 2Amp.
250V-AC 5Amp.

Note: M denotes that the body is made of synthetic resin.

         S denotes the receptacle with a switch.

         R denotes with the internal switch of rotary type.

Label: 281