Hand Tools 61

Needle File Sets

CODE 614531-614542

File sets which are used for precision work.Availablein sets consisting of 5 to 12 pieces. Please specify the number of pieces you require in a set as well as the length and the cut of the files as shown in the tables below.

614531needle file set, 215mm, 5pc set2nd cutFlat, Half Round, Round,Square and Triangle
614534needle file set 200mm,8 pcs2nd cutFlat, Half Round, Round,Square Triangle,Mill,Shinoai,and Oval
614537needle file sets 185mm,10 pcs set2nd cutAdded Knife Edge and Half Round to 8 pcs Set
614540needle file sets 170mm,12 pcs set2nd cutAdded Oval, Half Moon Shape to 10 pcs Set

Label: 97