Pipes & Tube Fittings

Straight Female Thread Connector Flareless Stainless Steel

IMPA Code 734371-734383

CODETube O.D.Thread Female End
7343716mmPF 1/8
734372" 1/4
734373" 3/8
734374" 1/2
7343758mm" 1/4
734376" 3/8
734377" 1/2
73437810mm" 1/4
734379" 3/8
734380" 1/2
73438112mm" 1/4
734382" 3/8
734383" 1/2

Name: Straight Female Thread Connector Flareless Stainless Steel

Place of Origin:China

applied to:tube fittings

Standard:International Standard



1.Durable material: The pipe fittings are made of Stainless Steel and are resistant to corrosion, high temperature ductility and low magnetic conductivity., it is solid, durable, stable and reliable, with high hardness

2.Perfect detail processing: Keep improving, brass plating on the surface, smooth and durable, the mother-child interface is smooth, not easy to fall off, and the detail processing is perfect and beautiful. Hex nut head, regular shape, thick material, perfect arc design, rounded edges, no burrs.

3.Excellent performance: Pipe fitting is designed with female thread and hexagonal shape. For connecting Male threaded threaded threaded pipe, Matching threaded screw. good plastic toughness, small connection deformation, reliable force transmission, good fatigue performance, easy to check.

4.Wide application: can be connected to copper, brass, plastic, aluminum and welded steel as fast joints, easy and fast connection. Widely used in Use in plumbing connections, compressed air, hydraulic, gas and other applications, hex nut for easy tightening and loosening.